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meteorologist bill karins is in democracy plaza for us. he has your weather channel election day forecast. good morning to you, bill. >> good morning to you, lynn. the big question, when will we know who's going to win the number. the magical 270. that's the number of electoral votes to be elected as the next president of the united states. as the states get announced tonight, those numbers will go up. we'll see who gets there first. it may be tonight, it may be tomorrow morning. let's get to the forecast for this election day. what we're dealing with is that nor'easter still. problems in georgia, north carolina with rain. the heaviest rains are over the atlanta area, chattanooga. another batch of rain from tallahassee over the gulf. some of that could go from the i-4 corridor. that's a key battleground area in florida. now as far as the forecast is going to go as we advance into election day, watching that light wintery mix. again, it's very light. shouldn't cause too many issues. there's a lot of other great weather. most of our battleground states are looking for mostly sunny to beautiful we
nomination as secretary of state. >>> now to a check of your weather we turn to nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather forecast. something important coming up later this week. >> easy one, too. the northwest has been getting hard. good morning, everyone. except for the northwest everyone has been doing pretty well. the northwest, this was a huge storm for you. wind were gusting up to 100 miles per hour. coastal areas of oregon, some damage done, some minor power outages. now it's just raining really hard. another little area of low pressure, another storm's going to come in later on today. so, that's where all the troublesome weather is. you look at the rest the country. we're looking pretty nice. a few showers overnight heading through the great lakes and a big ocean storm. that's heading out to sea. we're not going to deal with that at all. the travel trouble spot, interstate 5 through oregon from eugene to portland, they picked up 2 1/2 inches of rain in the last 48 hours. we're not seeing huge problems with flooding but minor issues. the jet stream pattern because of this big stor
jersey, i'm danielle leigh, back to you. >> bill karins will have more on that. >>> crippled public transportation means people need to commute by car. at the pump patience is in short supply. nbc's katie tur reports. >> reporter: if they weren't coming in on fumes, they were coming in empty. >> for miles you've been pushing it? >> yeah. >> reporter: block after block after block hundreds of cars idol inching towards the gas station. in fact, you needed a helicopter to see how long the lines were. >> the line is going all the way around. >> reporter: from northern new jersey south to philadelphia, east to long island and as far west as pennsylvania people were on the hunt for gas. >> we've been in line about 2 1/2 hours? >> yeah. >> 2 1/2 hours. >> reporter: police were there to maintain order. they waited and waited. >> central jersey, they don't have gas. working on a generator. >> reporter: in new york city 50 to 70% of stations are not able to sell fuel. no power, no pumping. in new jersey that number climbed to 80%. before the hurricane hit five refineries on the east coast wer
leigh. back to you. >> thanks so much. >>> nbc's meteorologist bill karins is tracking this for us. warm up, clear up, is that true? >> it is. the worst of it happened during the rush hour yesterday. it will slowly improve. the snow was worse than expected but the wind and the waves and the storm surge was less. it was better news for the coast, but inland areas got nailed. hartford, connecticut, 4 inches of snow. central park in new york city, almost 5 inches of snow is almost unheard of, wasser, mass., 5 inches, danbury, connecticut, 9. and one in new jersey with a foot of snow. the storm almost looks like a tropical storm. that's the center of it. south of nantucket. its anding over the interior sections. it's wrapping in some warmer air, changing over snow to rain in areas of long island. the temperatures have warmed up even at the upper levels of the storm. that will help things during the day today. the worst of it definitely on cape cod right now. look at the wind gusts. 59 on martha's vineyard, 55 on provincetown. cape cod, this is the worst of it for you. you're getting the rain
there live in tel aviv. thanks so much. >>> nbc meteorologist bill karins is tracking your weather. he has your forecast. good morning you to, bill. >> i'm all full of good news today. >> hey, wait a second. bill karins? what? no. impossible. >> that's what i say. i'll search for something bad. difficult today. good morning, everyone. 24 hours ago we had an amazing scene. if you were lucky enough to spot it last night through areas of northern portions of michigan and all of the northern portion of the country. this picture there is a lot of them online. this is one of the best ones i saw. this is from the weather observer on top of mt. washington in new hampshire. this is the northern lights. one of the best shows that we've seen in a long time in the northern half of our country with clear skies. how beautiful and gorgeous is that? it lasted a long time. it was through much of last night. last night going 24 hours ago. as far as today, a nice chilly morning. there is not a lot of bad weather to be concerned with. temperature in the 30s and 40s in most cases. the only bad weather we're go
of the world famous rockefeller center christmas tree and bill karins is braving the cold on the plaza for us. bill, you have your lotto ticket. we'll see if you're here. >> if i hit it, i will definitely show up. i will be here. who is going to give you a hard time if i'm not the here? >> that's actually true. i think you enjoy that more than anything. >> much more than winning the lotto, yes. well, good morning, everyone. obviously we're live, we're out here in front of the christmas tree, the world famous rockefeller center christmas tree which will be lit later on this evening. this stands 75-feet tall. 50-feet wide. the tallest ever was 100 feet and this is the 80th year that we've had a christmas tree out here on the plaza and again you can watch it tonight live on nbc, 8:00, 7:00 central. an amazing cast and crew out there. special paeshlss by billy crystal, bette midler and of course the musical performances are what everyone turns in for, trace adkins, mariah carey, cee lo green and rod stewart, of course all hosted by al roker and a van in florisavannah guth. it's chilly out here. w
karins. good morning to you, bill. >> nothing so complex in my life. >> good. >> my weather life. >> oh. wow. >> and the other life, too. >> hey. >> let's include the whole universe in that. good morning, everyone. we are watching a nice quiet world in the weather world. temperatures remain cool if not seasonable for this time of year. some of the ski areas are beginning to open up just in time for the thanksgiving holiday too. up in tahoe they got enough snow that they'll hopefully open up some of the resorts there. in the cascades, not too many big blockbuster snow events. they should be able to make some snow too. temperatures in the 30s and 40s this morning. there's really no big storms coming at least in the short term. there's moisture streaming through southern idaho. with that on shore flow, a weak disturbance moving along the border with canada, columbia. washington state. a few hit-and-miss showers up there in northern portions of idaho and montana. there's some elevation enhancement in the cascades. a little batch of showers coming on shore in extreme southwest portions of wa
bill karins has details for us. bill, what can you tell us? >> as far as the snow goes, that's at the highest of elevations where no one lives. the only areas that will get the snow is possibly to the south in the central cascades. it's really the rainfall that's the big concern, the amount that's going to go into these rivers basins. as they accumulate and it continues to rain over the weekend, we're going to have flooding concerns. this morning we're soaked right now. the heaviest rains have shifted into the mountains. it's still raining pretty good. san francisco to san jose, a continuous steady rain out there. the real downpours have moved towards yuba city. this storm system is one piece of it. you can see the plume coming into california. there's another piece behind that has to kick through on saturday. it doesn't look like until monday, lynn, this area will have a dry day. major concerns especially in northern california at this point. >> bill, thanks so much. >>> elsewhere today, the first of the two grand prize powerball winners will come forward to reveal themselve
, bill karins going to join us from down democracy plaza with an update on this radar map a nor'easter headed straight for some of the same areas wiped out by last week's superstorm. we'll be right back at 30 rock in just a minute. >>> last night president obama became just the 17th president in u.s. hist troy win a second full term in office when he defeated mitt romney to reclaim the presidency. should he serve out the full second term, he'll be the 13th president in our country's hist troy do so. you want to sound smart today? tell your friends that president obama's re-election marks the first time, get this, since 1816 that the united states has had three consecutive presidents elected to a second term before president obama, of course, george w. bush and bill clinton. the last three consecutive two-term presidents were thomas jefferson, james madison, and james monroe. let's get a check on that weather system headed this way. bill karins outside on democracy plaza. bill, how bad is it? >> willie, for a small area that was hit the hardest by sandy, it's just going to be a c
that break. danielle, thanks so much. let's go to nbc meteorologist bill karins, tracking the storm for us. the question is, when will they get that break? >> soon, but it's amazing historically, to look at the fact that an area of the country hit by a hurricane, a strong one at that, nine days later has picked up between 4 and 8 inches of snow. i don't know if you go back to the history records of the landfalling hurricanes, we've never seen anything like this nine days late yes, but that's what we've dealt with and now the storm is just south of cape cod, heavy snow set up over new jersey, new york city and up into connecticut. snowfall totals very impressive. manchester, new jersey, one of highest totals, nearly a foot. many areas of connecticut picked up between five to eight inches. and central park in new york city picked up between about four to five inches of snow, being the earliest ever that new york city has had four inches of snow heading into the winter season. and these wind gusts are still impressive. they've come down, lynn, over new york city and areas of new england, but
'm danielle leigh. lynn, back to you. >>> thanks so much. >>> let's go to meteorologist bill karins who is live for us in democracy plaza. bill, good morning to you. people still hanging around there? >> they're starting to break up. they're starting to take some stuff down on the buildings. the ice is still painted with all the red and blue states. it was quite the scene and quite the event. we're going from at that election day forecast into this nor'easter. of course, we still have the big concerns out there with the people in the coastal areas of new jersey and all through long island. as far as the storm goes, it's starting to grow in intensity. from about noon today until about midnight is when the winds will be strongest along the costa long with that cold rain. inland areas will get some snow out of this. we could see some accumulating snow and additional power outages with that heavy wet snow. central new jersey, north and west of the new york city area could also get a couple of in inches of accumulating snow. the power outages could be cruel. some people got their power back.
:00 central time right here on this nbc station. >>> nbc meteorologist bill karins is down in democracy plaza. he has your weather channel forecast. good morning, bill. >> good morning to you, lynn. this tonight will be a wild scene, packed. everyone wondering who will reach the magic number first of 270. we have it on the side of the building. as the states are called and their electoral votes are added up, you'll see signs rising up near the billing. when it gets to the top, a big scene late tonight or maybe tomorrow morning. hopefully no lawyers involved. let's talk about the forecast. we have minor issues fror election day. we have light rain in the forecast around seattle and olympia and portland. it's not going to cause anyone harm getting out. down in florida, we're watching heavy rain moving in there early this morning, especially from the i-4, tampa to orlando. that's a very important swing state. we'll watch that. the weather should clear out there even late today. the election day forecast goes like this. many areas of the west look good. the middle of the country looks good. we me
in with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> there's an election day impact and an impact when it goes up the coast. again, this is not a big, huge storm. if it wasn't for the last storm we dealt with, this would be your average, typical rain event coming up the east coast. because of the effects on election day turnout and possible coastal erosion, it's a little more interesting. as far as this forecast for election day, most of the country is rain free and clear. a little weak system in northern minnesota, wisconsin. shouldn't cause any issues. this system that's going to be dipping down into the gulf will be developing tuesday and spreading rainfall into the areas of georgia, south carolina, and areas of north carolina. maybe virginia very, very late in the day as the polls are closing. really, it's just rain. it's going to be pretty mild. hopefully it won't impact the turnout too much. now let me take you into the part of it i'm a little more concerned with. that is, of course, the impact of where sandy hit. the storm will be a mini nor'easter. not a full-fledged one like we normally
a mess. nbc meteorologist bill karins is tracking the storm. how ominous, that huge pile of debris covered in snow? >> five or six inches of snow, too. it looks horrible. the good news is the snow will melt in a hurry. with this storm we really had the elements where we were mostly concerned about the coast, the no dune protections anymore. the stormunder achieved with waves, storm surge and wind. with all of those, we can deal with the snow. it will be gone shortly. as far as the totals, very impressive. connecticut got nailed a lot worse than expected. dan berry almost nine inches. one location in central jersey was about 12 inches, but there wasn't a lot of high reports near there. we have to verify that. central park in new york city had almost five inches which is unheard of this early in the season. the storm almost looks like a tropical storm. it's wrapping warmer air into new england. the roads will melt in a hurry in especially the high traffic areas. the snow has just about ended in the white. a little left here. the big heavy snows are done with in just about all areas.
't even think of. >>> now for a look at your national weather, we turn to bill karins. warming up on the east coast. that's a relief. >> we need it. a lot of people are starting to finally get their power on. we could just use the break. the snow needs to melt. we need to get back to normal. the weather pattern across the country has been anything but normal. we had these huge dips in the jet stream and the ridge between. this dip means a big storm. that's what we have today. the weather will improve from here. when we have the jet stream that's very dynamic like this, almost like a snake, that's when we get these big storms. we want the more horizontal flow. the jet stream goes from west to east in a straight line, that means tranquil weather. we've had anything but as of late. the warm temperatures are surging towards the eastern seaboard. they're in the 60s this morning in dallas. it's almost like a summer morning. some of that will work east. everyone else, it's another day to bundle yourself up. even north florida is in the low 40s this morning. as far as the big storm out we
weather, we turn to bill karins with the forecast. good to see you. >> good morning. it was a beautiful day for all of the people in the cleanup area and the zone. a lot of volunteers all over the place. hard to believe 100,000 people without power still. it's crazy. let's talk about the temperatures. that's the big weather story today. look at the contrast. the cold air and the cold blast, plunging down to denver. that cold front the trying to push to the east. it's hard to see where it's lying. it's 40 in dallas. and 71 in new orleans. the warm air holding on for one more day on the east coast. and that cold front will move through with some rain as we go throughout the day today. and later tonight, for the big cities on the eastern seaboard. as far as the front, i mentioned. it's easy to draw on the map. it swept through chicago. that football game was a mess. now, the rainy weather will sweep into ohio. all of kentucky, west virginia and towards atlanta. behind it, the colder, drier air. but at least you're going to be sunny in oklahoma city and all the way through dallas and ft. wo
it intact. >> now, for a lock at the national weather, return to nbc meteorologist bill karins. good morning. you're cooking turkey today, right? >> yes. my wife will put it in the oven this morning and i will probably get the responsibility for the results. >> dress it up? >> i'm sure if it's really good, she'll get credit. if not, fall on me. the way it goes at my house. >>> good morning, everybody. hope you're off to a good start on thanksgiving morning. yesterday was a name around chicago. flights were canceled. people were arriving five hours late. hopefully everyone has gotten to their destination after the fog lifted. concerns around memphis and mississippi and ohio rivers and this little patch from detroit and toledo and ohio. detroit visibility slipped about a mile. be careful driving around the detroit area, overall much better compared to yesterday. it was pea soup from st. louis to chicago. everyone on the eastern seaboard, enjoy this. this is one of the warmest days for a while. sun sunny, light breeze, temperature is in the 30s and 40s up and down i-95. look at the surge of war
in with nbc meteorologist bill karins has the weather. i'm surprised you would show up. >> i would challenge anyone to have an easier job today than me, even you. >> thank you. i've been slaving away all evening. you have no idea. >> i know. it's a mess in the kitchen. it's a nice, very quiet weather day just like yesterday morning. whatever you wore yesterday as far as the jacket and gloves, lynn, will work today. still warmer down in south texas. everyone else is the same, 20s and 30s. very typical for the time of year. no big storms out there to track. i know we had the rain moving up through georgia, south carolina, north carolina, now that's trying to push off the outer banks and off of areas of virginia. much of the midwest is cloud free. the cold morning. we have a lot of sunshine. all the stormy weather over the next three days including the entire weekend is all through california through the west coast. if you're traveling out west, that's where you'll deal with some of that. light rain showers kicking off the carolina coast and a few there in southern portions of maryland. it look
meteorologist bill karins. i'm surprised you showed up at work. >> i would challenge anyone to have an easier job today than me, even you. >> wow. thank you. i've been slafg away all evening. you don't know. >> i know. it's a mess in the kitchen. good morning, everyone. here's what we're looking at, nice, quiet day. just like yesterday. whatever you wore yesterday as far as the jacket and gloves went will work today. a little bit warmer in south texas. everyone else is the same, 20s and 30s. very typical for this time of years. we don't have any big storms to track. we had the rain moving up through georgia, south carolina, north carolina. that's trying to push out of the outer banks and west virginia. it's a cold morning but there's a lot of sunshine. all of the stormy weather is all through california and the west coast. if you're traveling in the west, that's where you'll deal with that. here are some light rain showers kicking off the carolina coast. it looks like a nice friday. everywhere east of the rockies should have a good deal of sunshine and even on the eastern seaboard after a mix
political coverage anywhere. nbc meteorologist bill karins is in democracy plaza. quite the view there with the election day forecast. good morning, bill. >> good morning, lynn. i'm at the 50 yard line of the football game. feels like a sporting event tonight. that is that excitement to it. this is the place to be later tonight. our coverage here on nbc news and msnbc, right through the news. who knows when the race will be called. the number 270 as 270 electoral votes whoever gets there first will be the next president of the united states. it's going to be a close call by everything that chuck todd keeps telling me. as far as the election day forecast and often the weather can affect the turnout. i tell you what, we're looking okay, especially in the swing states. we have rain in areas of atlanta, through south carolina, some of the rain trying to push into florida. that i-4 corridor very important for the voting from the tampa through orlando. if you do get rain, it will be early this morning and later this afternoon, this evening. you should be just fine. the other wet spot,
and that nor'easter that's headed our way. nbc meteorologist bill karins is down in democracy plaza for us. he got the good assignment this morning. >> good monday morning. a beautiful scene down here. this is the place to be of course as we go throughout tuesday night. behind me you can see the tall building here at 30 rock, the ice rink. i again, 270, the magic number will be displayed live on the building as we go throughout tuesday night. if you're interested in weather and the recovery, we're worried about what's going to happen with this potential nor'easter the next couple days. it will take a typical path for a nor'easter with rain mostly through the southeast and to the middle of the country. as it goes to the east coast, that's when the problems will arise. let me take you through the weather maps. as far as the worst of it as we go up the eastern seaboard. i'm not thinking this is going to be as bad as sandy. it will be a strong storm but as far as the real damage potential, i think it will be the battering waves. we're not going to see a storm surge like last time or flood the subw
across the northeast to a region that can't afford any more of it. bill karins has details and your election day forecast next. also, senator scott brown looking to fend off a challenge from elizabeth warren in the state of massachusetts. just one of the many close races playing out for control of the u.s. senate. "way too early" coming back to democracy plaza on msnbc. >> i was in the lincoln room a moment ago and saw a full sculpture of abraham lincoln and i get a catch in my throat as i see him. >> what lincoln said was that through our government, we should do together what we cannot do as well for ourselves. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. ♪ make it worth watching. ♪ the new 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon..
for your look at the weather, here's nbc bill karins. scandal-free. >> as far as you know. you might have to dig a little deeper. better watch my e-mails. good morning, everyone. we are watching a nice quiet start to your day. heading out this morning in the northeast, be prepared for much colder temperatures than what you saw yesterday. you got a little taste of it going home from work or school and this morning it's even worse. windchills in the 20s and 30s areawide from d.c. to pittsburgh all the way through northern new england. a couple of people have been tweeting and sending us beautiful pictures, the northern lights last night put on a beautiful show. vermont, new hampshire, maine got to see that. it's gone now, unfortunately. as far as today no concerns. looking like a nice day. but the middle of the country is warming up. so much of the nation will go into the quietest weather patterns we've seen in two or three weeks. temperatures are chilly everywhere as you'd expect getting into almost the beginning of the winter period and watching a couple weak area s of clouds. maybe a lit
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. the worst is yet to come for a lot of the people that don't have electricity. >> bill karins, we'll be getting more updates for you in just a moment. now let's get to what he was talking about this morning. as a result of sandy, gosh, we've got a death toll at 72 at this point according to the associated press. 5.6 million homes and businesses along the eastern seaboard are still without electricity. they can't make any money. and they can't really live there. in new york city, while half of manhattan remains powerless, the travel situation is slowly getting back into motion. just moments ago, limited subway service has just begun in areas where the tunnels aren't flooded. governor cuomo has declared a transportation emergency, suspending fares on all mass transit, limited flights are also expected to resume at laguardia airport which suffered heavy flooding there. the situation remains tenuous in other parts of the city. bellevue hospital, the city's top trauma center, is now shut down. last night the hospital safely evacuated its remaining 300 patients after fuel pumps to the b
karins for a look at what's happening. bill, tell us more about this storm. >> there's been some good and some bad. the snow and the amounts were much higher-than-expected. that was the bad part of it. they did bring down some trees. additional power outages in new jersey and connecticut. the good with the storm is that the storm surge and as far as the beach erosion and the waves on the coast of the jersey shore were not as bad as expected. that's good. we didn't do a lot of additional damage in the areas hit hard by sandy. this almost looks like a tropical storm. you can see it's wound up south of nantucket right now. the worst of the winds is definitely down along cape cod. that's where it will continue this morning. look at the wind gusts, 50 to 60 miles per hour from provincetown down to nantucket. it will get better as the day goes on across all of connecticut, massachusetts and rhode island. the worst is over with. the storm is beginning to wrap in some warmer air off the ocean. all the big city temperatures are above freezing and the roads are beginning to improve. as the cars
karins. he's tracking that weather channel forecast. good morning to you, bill. >> sensitive topic when you start comparing storms to katrina and all these. >> it does. >> it's like any big event. >> absolutely. >> yeah, over 1,000 people died and monetarily there's issued. every storm is different as we learned with sandy and all the other big hurricanes that have hit this country. we're not dealing with anything too bad today. if you have travel plans on the east coast, pay attention because as you go to work, no issues. but as you come home, you could be doing it in the snow in a few spots. we're going to watch temperatures closely because notice how cold it is up there in albany, hartford and boston. in any snow does fall, it probably wouldn't accumulate on the pavement. still hovering around 40. so whatever falls should melt throughout the morning and especially during the afternoon. here's the winter radar. this is our little weak storm. the white shows you where the snow is. the pink is the mix. and then where we show you the green, that's where the rain is. washington, d.c., sta
national weather, let's turn to nbc meteorologist bill karins. he is tracking that weather channel forecast with new video you just got in. >> yeah, there wasn't a lot of bad stuff over the weekend, but this video was found from hurricane sandy. we don't have a lot of pictures of what it looked like on the coastline of new jersey as we approached high tide that monday evening. you can see the water already over the seawall. this is probably three hours before the actual high tide. these waves were just crashing into the seawall. and with the high tide, those were crashing into those homes and just taking the homes out. it was obviously dramatic video, and it looks like this 15-year-old boy was safe after all of this. look at that. looks like just something you'd see somewhere in newfoundland. let's show you what's happening as far as today. this morning on this monday, i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. very cold conditions have invaded the country. everywhere in blue has a windchill of 40 degrees or lower. it's very cold in the northern plains. north dakota, minnesota, windch
'm bill karins. speaking of a lottery, long shot, don't drop your coffee. i'm your guest host this morning. i know what you're thinking. some catastrophic end of day storm ahead or that nice weather men don't finally snap and don't go soprano style. i'll be bringing you the news this morning. we have a lot to cover. including a statement by the president who is stepping up to defend u.n. ambassador susan rice from new attacks by republicans. later, a brawl in boston. the nets and celtics battle it out in the front row on top of fans. but first, the story that everyone will be talking about this morning at work, at least two people are a lot richer and probably not heading into the office today. sadly, i didn't even have one stinking number. lottery officials say winning tickets for the record $580 million powerball jackpot were sold in arizona and missouri. 160 million tickets were sold yesterday alone. at an astounding rate of 130,000 tickets a minute. the winner takes the cash option, they'll split a cool $380 million. that's $190 million apiece. it's the second largest payout in lotto h
meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. how was your forecast? >> it was great. i had four kid under 3 running around my house. i think we all sat down for dinner for five minutes. then it was time to chase the kids again. such a strange morning. coming into work seeing christmas trees on the side of the street now and people with shopping bags. there's people all over the place. >> we love christmas, though. >> yes. i bet you we have a lot of people watching us that are probably just getting back to sleep. hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. as far as the forecast goes, temperatures have plunged in the middle of the country. this was a beautiful stretch of weather leading up to thanksgiving day. then the cold front sliced through. now the temperatures are really, really dropping. went from feeling like indian summer to all of a sudden winter. 35-degree temperature change in minneapolis. yesterday at this time, 55. now at 20 degrees. windchills are in the lower teens and single digits in many areas of the northern plains. and that cold front will head to the east coast t
with bill karins. he's tracking a nice weekend for you all. >> like my vacation week without taking a vacation week. we all deserved it after what we went through. stress-free forecasts are nice every once in a while. good morning. we help you get out the door. a lot like yesterday. whatever you had on as far as the jacket, gloves and hats will work today. we won't see a change in the weather pattern across the country for at least a week, maybe through thanksgiving, so what you see is what you get and, you know, it's not too bad. it's a little chillier than what we'd probably like but will not be horrible. no snow or ice or that much rain. temperatures in the 20s and 30s throughout much of the nation with 40s along the southern half of the country. by the afternoon hours, a decent amount of sunshine you'll probably warm up 10 to 20 degrees. a couple areas of clouds. the rain we yesterday along the carolina coastline is beginning to head off the virginia coast. really the only wet weather i have out there and even this is extremely light but you're fine in washington, d.c. but headi
of nascar. >>> and now for another look at the weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. just looking at those shots from florida, it's like 80, 90 degrees, it's, what, 27 in hartford, 23 in albany. >> it's that time where a lot of snow birds are getting itchy ready to go south in the winter. i can see you as one of those. you're destined to be a snow bird at some point in your life. >> you're absolutely right. >> good morning, everyone. thanksgiving week, the weather couldn't be better if you're east of the rockies. nice easy forecast for me and you to travel, ideal. cold this morning get being the kids ready. people have three days of work and school this week. temperatures in the 20s. it's cold. sunshine, temperatures will be into the upper 40s, some cases the 50s. no problem for the mid-atlantic, ohio valley. the southeast too. all of the troublesome weather today is out in the northwest. that's where the large storm is. washington state, northern california. you'll have the worst weather today and for much of the week. wednesday, the busy travel day, it continues to be the same w
day of the year, he's a popular man for us, nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> maybe. >> shifted a bit from yesterday. >> the fog more problematic in the middle of the country. we knew we would have the rain in the west coast. that fog, it's yet to be seen how bad it will be. let's show you the heavy rain. three days in a row, each morning this time we have shown heavy rain. i-5 not a fun drive, 80 and 84 snowy. seattle and portland, some minor concerns there. san francisco dealing with rain showers on and off. i don't expect sacramento and san francisco to have major issues with the airlines today. the middle of the country, doesn't look like a lot, no rain, snow or ice, but dense fog. the air is not moving much. there's enough moisture out there. the fog has settled in. everywhere in the gray is under a dense fog advisory and the houston area has some dense fog. it's from the st. louis area, indianapolis, up to chicago, milwaukee, green bay, this is where it's kind of thick out there. the pea soup they like to call it. take some extra time. it will be difficult on the roads and the a
will as well. nbc's pei-sze chang reporting. >>> now to nbc meteorologist bill karins with your weather channel forecast. >> good morning. >> a little reminder to pay it forward. >> a little, a lot. california, stormy, you know, this big winter storm, it's also kicked up the waves. and of course in california, that means throw on the wet suit and do some surfing. these very impressive waves, orange county, california, this is the huntington beach area. if you're an expert surfer, this was the day for you, right before the big storm arrives. the big waves get there first. we'll probably be watching that high surf for another couple days, of course, obviously it's a little dangerous for the average folk. today the rain if you're traveling out here through california, it's going to be widespread, inches of rain, the possibility of flooding. san francisco is just getting drenched this morning all the way up through sacramento. and further to the north, it continues all the way up the coastline. it's lighter up around eugene and portland here, just got a few showers, but it's going to be on and off
." we shall return. we'll have a check on weather, too. >> do we call it that? it's bill karins. it's not necessarily accurate, but it's funny. we'll be right back. >> we'll be back doing something. >>> both mayor muscone and supervisor harvey milk have been shot and killed. ♪ if it wasn't for you ♪ don't know what i'd do ♪ i'd have nothing to prove ♪ i'd have nothing to lose ♪ i'd be all lost at sea ♪ with no reason to make it through ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the celebration diamond collection. ♪ if it wasn't for you [ male announcer ] diamonds so expertly cut, we guarantee them for life. zales is the diamond store. let love shine. a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-
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